Hadrian Safety System is the only certified marine safety system to offer complete hands-free security. Continuous attachment is provided by a four wheel carriage.
Hadrian Safety Rails product overview...
The Hadrian Safety System is an aluminium rail system developed for the marine market and pilot boats in particular. Continuous attachment offers a proactive restraining system for multiple users or a reactive system to arrest a fall.
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The Hadrian Mini has all of the safety features the Hadrian Safety System offers but it has been developed specifically for inshore and rescue sized boats, where deck space is at a premium.

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Watch our video demonstrating the added personal safety benefits provided by a Hadrian Safety Rail installation during Pilot vessel transfer, and the man overboard situation.

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Prevention is better than cure
Hadrian Safety Rails offer a comprehensive range of safety products, including the well known Hadrian Safety System, enabling us to offer a comprehensive service for the provision of commercial marine fall protection solutions.

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